With Isra Gordon

Holistic and Metabolic Health Coach



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Learn about the 8 pillars of success for transformation to a more vibrant you.

Key benefits you will experience after participating on the webinar


Re-establish agency over your own health and increase your energy by Raising your vibrations

Build Clarity

Gain clarity on your goals and new awareness surrounding food by improving your mindset.


Get a better understanding of yourself and self worth by discovering your blockages

Be Free

Feel an overall sense of peace and freedom, and be programmed for success by taking action steps

Skip Temptation

Food freedom through testing while understanding more about your body and how you can make better food choices.

Gain Strength

Staying strong in the storm by finding support through selected groups or programs reduce fears of failure

Grow and develop

Acknowledgement and Gratitude sets the pace and opens the road for growth and winnings.


Keep you motivated and accountable for the step that you are about to take and to be held responsible for your actions towards improvement.


It's time to kick off your goals and set a plan of action and additional support to continue your growth and stay the course.



Holistic and Metabolic Health Coach

Isra Gordon is a certified by the Institute of Integrative Nutrition Research as a Health Coach. She has over thirty years of experience in food and wellness industries, providing nutritional and wellness instruction and mentoring at health centers across New York City and via online webinars. She is a the owner and operator of Mint Porch Café, a Flatbush-based healthy food establishment and home base for the Mint Experience. Under her guidance, program participants will receive a unique, well-rounded experience and solid tools for success