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A tea lover

Growing up in a former British colony, tea time and tea parties were a staple of my upbringing. As a youth I was tasked with fetching the bush teas for my family’s remedies and trained to use those plants for healing.


My love of trees and endless fascination with their purpose, shapes and leaves, lead me to pursue my passion for biology. I was motivated to learn how all things affect us on this planet, and how we are influenced on a deeper level. I've always believed there must be a vast connection between each of us and all these amazing plants.


Observing how birds, insects and animals thrive on the power of plants inspired me to ask why not us?  I dreamed of the plants and had a notion that one day they will play a very important role in my life.

I followed my love of teas here in the United States, studying with an amazing teacher. My journey continues, as I explore the wonders of plants and share my learnings through paring with delicious healthy foods at Mint Porch cafe

Isra's Specials Tea blends

Ginger, Lemon & Honey Tea

Feel good formula


Blend of Hibiscus flower, ginger lemon Myrtle dried cranberries, raspberries

,rosehip, superior African rooibos.



Cape cod cranberry.jpg

Enhance your health


Blend of rooibos, passionflower, orange peel, tulsi tea, lemon verbena.



Arise and awake.jpg

Arise and awake


Blend of the finest green tea ,cloves , nutmeg , star anise and black tea



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