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"I'm truly passionate about food. I love to eat. I love to see people eat. I am truly passionate about the health and well being of all people"

 Hi, I'm Chef Isra Gordon

Isra Gordon is a highly trained chef, certified Holistic and Metabolic Health coach, and pastry chef who has over thirty years of experience in the culinary industry. In the past, Isra has taught Classic Pastry at The French Culinary Institute and was an executive pastry chef at the renowned catering company Glorious Foods. During her tenure at Glorious Foods, Isra catered events for numerous high-profile clients. 


Additionally, Chef Gordon's personal recipes have been featured in cookbooks and magazines. Mint Porch is the culmination of Isra's passion and years of experience in the culinary and world of holistic health care products.


Isra chooses to be a pioneer in bringing change to her community speaking at health centers around Brooklyn sharing her passion and encouraging people to choose a healthy lifestyle. She is excited to cater your next order, preparing health-focused meals for your individual and corporate needs.

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Mint Porch Cafe-Place

The Mint Porch Cafe provides tranquility, peace and relaxation from the moment you step in. It maintains purity and stability as one inhales and exhales the ambiance of its surroundings set in colorful mint green décor.

We know you deserve to take a moment, feed your body, mind and spirit to become rejuvenated. The sweet bouquet of minty flavors capture your being and with the enticing healthy snacks and delicious minty drinks to keep your body in  mint-green condition. An environment and food choices which speaks to the health and well being of its customer to soothe the inner man and deliver moments of joy, 

We want to create a community of people who aim to increase theirs awareness to another level ,which enhances the vision of wholeness and wellness, spiritually, physically and emotionally.

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