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Our Home Chef service

keeps you eating well with ease, delivered straight to your home

To place your daily order or pre-order for the week (preferred):

Call or Text 917.364.8276 



To place your daily order or pre-order for the week (preferred):

Call or Text 917.364.8276 



Pan Seared Salmon

Choice of herb sauce or coconut curry sauce

Tomato Focacia.jpg

Tomato Focaccia

Bring  some italian love to your table.


Quinoa Salad

Flled with fresh vegetables, herbs, and cheese. It's perfect! 

Baked Sweet Potato.jpg

Baked Sweet Potato (Side)

A delicately sweet taste and fluffy interior. The perfect side dish for your next meal!

Pigeon Peas.jpg

Pigeon Peas (Side)

With Brown Rice

Rustic Roasted Chicken.1.jpg

Rustic Chicken

With Roasted Vegetables

*Choice of lemon mustard sauce or tomato red onion relish 

Vegetable Soup.jpeg

Vegetable Soup

With beans , chickpeas. 

*Option to add chicken 

Bulgur 2.jpg

Bulgar Salad

Bulgur wheat, garlic, tomatoes, lemon, and lots of fresh parsley.

Roasted_ Idaho_potatoes.jpg

Roasted  Idaho potatoes (Side)

Make the perfect classic side dish for any meal.

Lemon Cake (1).jpg

 Lemon Cake

A delicious moist Italian Cake

Spinach lasagna 2.png

Spinach Lasagna

With delicous noodles, ricotta, spinach, and Mozzarella 

Isra Salad.1 (1).jpg

 Fresh Salad Box

Freshly picked, 100% fresh with changing contents every week


Stewed Spinach and Okra

Delicious stew that is loved by the majority of the people. 

Mashed Pumpkin Side.jpg

Mashed Pumpkin (Side)

Delicious mashed pumpkin, flavored with garlic and Parmesan.

Almond _Pound_Cake .jpg

Almond  Pound Cake 

Tender and buttery, this pound cake is always a winner

Thank you for supporting your local small business during this challenging time!

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