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The Mint Experience Program

This program provides all the tools that are necessary for your success. If you have tried health programs in the past and it has not worked for you, but you deeply desire to up-level your body into mint condition The Mint Experience is for you

Organic Meal Boxes

Mint Experience subscriptions include one meal box for each weekday (Monday thru Friday). Meals are delivered before noon two days per week - on Mondays and Wednesdays. You will receive two boxes on Mondays and three boxes on Wednesdays.

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Image by Alysha Rosly

Tea Lovers

Our love of trees and endless fascination with their purpose, shapes and leaves, lead mus to pursue a special passion for biology. We are motivated to learn how all things affect us on this planet, and how we are influenced on a deeper level. We always believed there must be a vast connection between each of us and all these amazing plants.And we believe plants can heal our body and inspire our soul.

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