The Mint Experience is a 90-day program designed to get you in mint condition. We give you all the tools you need for healthy success:

  • A hearty meal each day, delivered to you

  • 1-on-1 professional health coaching​

  • Detailed meal guidance


If you're ready to bring your whole body into mint condition, then The Mint Experience is for you. 

The program includes:

Mindset building

Understand how to keep a positive state of mind, -optimism, expectancy, and enthusiasm to achieve the purpose of the program



Scheduled for 1⁄2 hour weekly to help reduce your stress and bring your body into

1-on-1 Professional health Coaching

Unique guidance to support you and help overcome your struggles with food.

Meals delivered to you

Busy schedule? No problem! - This plan includes REAL GOOD

Real Results

The Mint Experience will empower you to: 

1. Revive and restore your body 

2. Overcome persistent health challenges 

3. Create a healthy relationship with food 

4. Increase your energy 

5. Speed up your metabolism 

6. Gain clarity on how to stay nourished 

7. Lose weight 


Clients who have been using Mint Porch meals have lost weight, felt healthier physically and
spiritually and are now making better choices on a daily basis for their life holistically.

invest in your health: quality coaching and meals priced for you 

From Regular Price: $950/month

For $550/month

Take advantage of the Mint Experience New Client promotion 


For less than $30 a day you will eat well, feel more supported than ever and let your Mint self shine.

We are here to work with you! Inquire about flexible payment options through the sign-up form. 

Your guide in this journey

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Isra Gordon

Holistic and Metabolic Health Coach.

Isra Gordon is a Holistic and Metabolic Health Coach.with over thirty years in the food business and years of training and research, living a lifestyle where health and wellness thrives is her passion . 

Chef Isra’s journey with that hunger and thirst to share with others is what has helped her throughout her lifetime experience. 

From her upbringing of fresh from the garden, fruits, veggies ,herbs ,meats locally grown and spices enhanced with herbal teas and the beautiful environment of the island breeze. 

She migrated to the United States at an early age but carried her passion and vision sharing and blessing the right moment to reach others with her vision. 

Isra opened Mint Porch Cafe to provide balanced and nutritious meals and support to help her customers regain their health through healthy choices of food and lifestyle changes. 

Leading by example Chef Isra is ready to personally guide you to experience your own success 

Welcome to the Mint Experience.

In my own life these meals have helped me increase my health everyday. 

I don't crave unhealthy foods, I feel stronger, stress free, have amazing energy and feel freedom and peace within. 

Because of this work, I make choices on purpose that will help me live a healthier and productive life. 

I have shared this amazing experience with a community of people who are experiencing the same and even better results. 

If you would like to join us, sign up for your initial free coaching session. 

Leading by example Chef Isra is ready to personally guide you to experience your own success 

Welcome to the Mint Experience.




Vincent Ferguson

I want to take this time to thank Chef Isra for creating Mint Porch. It is so needed in our community. The food is fresh, organic and most of all, delicious. It takes the work and guess-work out of my busy life just knowing that I can go to Mint Porch for my healthy meals, and as you know, your health is your greatest wealth. The food at Mint Porch is absolutely awesome! You have a customer for life!

President Body Sculpt of New York, Inc.

Walter Omowale McQueen

As a community based wellness program that not only nourishes the taste buds but also educates the consumer about making better choices about our diet, Mint Porch Cafe is highly recommended.


I stumbled upon a poorly kept secret Mint Porch. I purchase my meals and health drinks, and snacks from the marvel chef and owner Isra Gordon. I get enjoyable well-balanced meals that satisfies the appetite and taste buds. I so look forward to the customized meal plans. -IT Professional

Tanya Sanchez

your teas brought my 97 year old Mom's blood pressure down from 160's to 170's to 119 when nothing else worked for 3 solid years. We are both so pleased and Thank you. I truly hope in today's uncertain health times that people go to your website or call you for information and order some of your amazing teas or drop in if you are in NY for something yummy to eat. I love it that you ship out orders so fast. 

Flatbush Caton Market

2184 Clarendon Rd,

Brooklyn, NY, 11226

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